Affordable Pest control services in Maitland

Eliminate pests at domestic and commercial premises without harmful chemicals.


At Beutels Pest & Weed Control, we use environmentally friendly products, which are safe for your family and pets. All of our pest control methods and products meet Australian Standards


When it comes to termites, we use thermal imaging to assist in detecting activity within your property. Baiting is used to help eradicate them.

Red Ant — Pest Control in Metford, NSW

Pest Treatments

If you have problems with any of the following pests, be sure to make Beutels Pest & Weed Control your first call. (02) 4933 2044.

Wood Eaten by Termites — Pest Control in Metford, NSW

Pest Identification

Have you found signs of pests, such as bites, droppings or an odour, but are unsure about what is causing the problem or how to combat it?


 Call Neil or Julie at Beutels Pest & Weed Control.


We have many years of experience identifying pests. Arrange an on-site visit to identify pests. Once we know what pest we are dealing with, we’ll suggest the best control method and get to work using certified control treatments.

Termites Colony — Pest Control in Metford, NSW

Termite Detection and Treatment

Not sure whether you have termites? We specialise in termite detection and elimination. Using the latest in thermal imaging equipment we can quickly detect any termite activity and plan the most appropriate termite control system. We can also set up termite baiting stations to help control these invasive pests.