The easy way to control weeds around Maitland

Whether you’re finding bindis in your backyard, or green cestrum infiltrating your property, Neil and Julie from Beutels Pest & Weed Control can assist you.


Aside from taking over your crop, weeds can also be poisonous to pets, and take over your lawn. You can spend hours weeding only to look like you’ve barely scratched the surface. Eliminate weeds easily. Call Beutels Pest & Weed Control for advice to reclaim your garden, paddocks and lawn.


We have a variety of weed control methods, but it depends on the type of weeds you need eradicated. Our Isuzu truck has been fitted with a 12-metre boom spray, suitable for open pasture and road side weed control.


We offer rural broadacre spraying, domestic lawn weed spraying and selective weed control for domestic and rural properties. If you require selective weed control to eliminate problem growths in your crop or lawn, call us today.

Types of weeds we can control:

Unable to identify a weed? We can help. Call us today! We can arrange a time to identify the mystery weed and help you control it.